FeelingsChat- Communicate your feelings, learn and be aware !

About FeelingsChat Communication App

Our emotion experiences diverse!

The call to duty of FeelingsChat wellbeing communication app is breaking barrier of emotion silent tears and keeping ourselves informed in our communities.

Human feelings tend toward two sides, positive and negative and are acquired through experience.

FeelingsChat Wellbeing Communication App brings alive the effective communication of emotions that are acquired through human engagement in real time. Having inventory of the well-defined records and access to in-app care functionalities to help manage individual mental health are given highest priority.

Hence, the app combines real time functionality and location aware technology.

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Target Users

Creating profile of the target users: Users demographics; habits or set of behaviour which include emotional patterns; opinion; attitudes; interests; and their lifestyle will help in both the marketing and user acquisition strategy. Knowing where the target users spend their time will help to market the product on the right channel.

Creating target users for apps help in focusing its unique features to related age group.

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Journey of Exploration

Design & Development of FeelingsChat Wellbeing Communication App

Wireframe is an important step in any screen design process. It a rudimentary shapes and lines used to designate position and plan the layout of how users are to engage and maximimise their experience using a product…

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Improving Wellbeing and Maintaining Good Mental Health

Learning Space

Mental Wellbeing is about our thoughts (how we feel) and how well we are coping with up and down of our daily life. Mental wellbeing can mean having low mental wellbeing, poor mental wellbeing or good mental wellbeing. Long period of low mental wellbeing can lead to development of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, disorders, schizophrenia, additive behaviours and eating disorders.

People living with poor mental conditions find it difficult to cope with daily life. Nevertheless, good mental  health condition does not mean to always happy or absence of negative feelings and thoughts, but it is about being able to cope with daily life by managing our feelings and thoughts.

FeelingsChat tips for improving mental health and wellbeing:

  1. Know what your feeling is and why you feel that way
  2. Engage in physical activities that promotes positive moods: Body exercise is used to improve health.
  3. Laugh often so as to cultivate positive energies. Laughing improve health and quality of life…

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Other Projects: Haunted Cities

Haunted Cities is an interactive table-top video game. A co-creative project. The game features a ghost with a mission of possessing bodies to get around, as to enter into the next world through search for correct Portal. The game runs on all ARKit and ARCore compatible devices.
The Game themes are: Competition, Completion and Survival.

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Focus of FeelingsChat

FeelingsChat is a researched project that was designed and developed as mental health communication App.

The focus are as follow:

  • Innovation: A new concept that create value with comparative advantage in features and functionalities from other competing Apps through critical evaluation and analysing users review of other competing apps.
  • Users Demand and Satisfactions: The public need mental health app that bridge the gap and the shortcomings on the existing mental health app.
  • Compliance: For educational relevance and referencing.
  • Intrinsic Motivation- The developer passion and interest in Informatics (Computing and Information System), Creative App Development, Care and Mental health and peoples wellbeing.

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