FeelingsChat- Beta Invitation

FeelingsChat communication app is undergoing user testing.

We are inviting beta testers to give it a go and provide some feedback on the experience of using it ahead of launch, as to get a sense as to the effectiveness of the app, check there’s no bugs or issues.

FeelingsChat mobile app offers unique features that distinguish it from the other competing apps. It offers the target users new experience in expressing their feelings in their different care community, according to their location.

Android device is needed to join the user testing.

We kindly implore you to participate in the beta testing process for your valuable feedback.

In exchange, testers who provide feedback will receive lifetime access to the in-app features, most especially when the incorporation of the exclusive features are effected in the stable release of version 2.

Click me to download the apk file

Click me to access the Feedback Form. Your feedback and view on your user testing experience of this Beta Version of FeelingsChat is important for our final release of the App.

Other information needed to know are contained in the introduction section of the Feedback form

Thanks and kind regards

5 thoughts on “FeelingsChat- Beta Invitation”

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