FeelingsChat- Communicate your feelings, learn & be aware !

Our emotion experiences diverse! The call to duty of FeelingsChat Wellbeing Communication App is breaking barrier of emotion silent tears and keeping ourselves informed in our communities.

Human feelings tend toward two sides, positive and negative and are acquired through experience. FeelingChat Wellbeing App project bring alive the effective communication of emotions that are acquired through human engagement in real time. Having inventory of the well-defined records and access to in-app care functionalities to help manage individual mental health are given highest priority.

The app combines real time functionality and location aware technology.

FeelingsChat is a researched communication and social interaction location aware app, designed and developed to ease the communication of users feelings and emotions in real time to their different care communities and also those acquired from daily experiences and engagements.

Objectives of the App

  • Mental Health Record- To uniquely communicate feelings and emotions by the app users to their care community for better understanding of mental health and different personal engagements that leads to mental health issues, whereby app users are able to view and manage their secure mental health record (Health history) over time with suggested help as renderd by the member of their care community.
  • Mental Health Management Tool- To serve as mobile application tool for managing emotional health with in-built tools for managing mental health.
  • Mobile App Platform for engaging and sharing concerns- To be part of regisered community care group that have agreed understanding with members well agreed policies whereby registered app users are given simple defined interactive user interface for  ommunication of feelings in real time and receive responses from other users.

The Goals

  • Helper– A mobile locative application for users in different geographical area, that will enable them to communicate their feelings in real time and receive response from other users, with access to in-app  get help features.
  • Informative– Keep the user community informed of their collective environment in term of emotional stimulated activities, engagement. This include alert for benefits and any danger
  • Companion– An all in one mobile app for users to feel among in a self chosen care community and get aware of not being alone.
  • Educative- An educative app with diverse in-built learning tools for managing feelings and emotion (Mental Health).
  • Fun and Engaging– Get excited, aware, and engaged with shared information on the app platform on the happening, both near and far.

Focus of FeelingsChat by the App Developer

  • Innovation: A new concept that create value with comparative advantage in features and functionalities from other competing Apps through critical evaluation and analysing users review of other competing apps.
  • Users Demand and Satisfactions: The public need mental health app that bridge the gap and the shortcomings on the existing mental health app.
  • Compliance: For educational relevance and referencing.
  • Intrinsic Motivation- The developer passion and interest in Informatic (Computing and Information System), Creative App Development, Care and Mental health Issues.

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