FeelingsChat Wellbeing App- Communicate your feelings, learn & be aware !

FeelingsChat offers users the unique and easy features for communication of feelings and emotions in real time to their care communities with benefits of in-app access tools and resources for managing their human mental health.

This communication  of feelings is simplified with user access to categories of daily activities, feelings and their emotion  sub-categories.

The app keep users informed of their environment and also help them in benefiting from the daily experience of other users.

The  app portrays human feelings and emotion in colours and emojis. Hence users have the opportunity of gaining better insight on how to portray colours and how  these affect their living.

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"When we choose to bury our feelings, we act differently, but when we express how we really feel, problems get solved, relationship issues get resolved and life is easier"

The App Goals

  • Here to Help

Communicate your feelings in real time and receive responses from other users. Be part of group where common interest are be shared

  • Informative

Informative– Keep the user community informed of their collective environment, well-being and many other benefits

  • Companion

Be aware that you are not all alone. The app is your right companion to brighten-up your day.

  • Emotional health tool

Manage your emotional health by monitoring your reactions on activities engaged, relationship etc at specific interval of time with the available record on the inventory and the Get help features

  • Educative

Learn better ways of communicating feelings emotions, tips for managing stress, different types of emotions and their categories. Gain better insight to Feelings, emotions, abuse with their indications.

  • Life style app

Make a balance between work, home, travel, leisure, studies, recreation and every other human daily activities with the help of the user's saved records (by default) on the inventory. This in turn, assist in organising one's life and living a healthy life.

  • Spark up your day with fun

Get excited, aware, and get engaged with shared information on the app platform on the happening, both far and near.

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Exciting Features

  • Unique means of communicating feelings comprehensively in well defined and simplified manner.


  • Very good platform to become part of a care communities where depressed, abused voices are being heard with suggested helps from other member.


  • Get aware of different types of abuse and their indicators, learn meaning of feelings and related terms. Learn how to live depression-free life.


  • Opportunity to gain better insight on how to portray colours and how these affect human lives.


  • Meet people of like-mind and a good platform to help others emotionally.


  • Keeping track of feelings overtime with the description of the stimulants, which help in deciding whether to continue with those things that aroused emotion positively (good mental health) or refrain from those things that stimulated or contributed to negative feelings (depression).
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Target Users

During the Project envisioning, research was conducted on the target users demographic profile.

The theme and the key focus of the app which include- feelings, mental health, location and time, are the major elements considered while considering the target user profile

Below are the constitutes elements of the app user demographic profile:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education Level
  • Geographical Location
  • Occupation
  • Habits which include
    • Emotional patterns
    • Opinion
    • Attitudes
    • Interests and
    • Lifestyle

Age has effects on emotion and its communication

Researches ascertain it that social messaging and frequent communications are more pronounced among the age group 16-24 and 25 -35.

More also, results from reliable surveys ascertain it that 16-24 age group experience loneliness more often and intensely than any other age group.

Recent research on 'Coming-of-age', has placed significance on age 13, 15, 16, 18, and 21 as significant ages for young adults.

Hence, the minimum target age limit for 'Feelings Chat is considered to be 13 years of age.

Age 16-34 are expected to engaged with the app more often, with the use of the "Status Update" feature than any other group.

The other categories of the age groups that are above 34 years; users living in or experiencing depression, users with temporal mental illness are to be fond of joining group under the Get-Help feature, where common interest are being shared and challenges being resolved.

The focus on the target users help in designing the needed features of the app for certain proportion of the entire population.

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